Our Staff

Oak Grove Academy’s staff members are exceptional people and professionals who love to teach children.

Our staff members inspire children to love learning, ensure they feel safe and nurtured, and maintain open communications with parents so you always know the details of your child’s educational development.

Oak Grove Academy teachers hail from all over the globe (the Americas, Asia, Africa and Western Europe), and more than half of our staff have Master’s or Bachelor’s Degrees.

Every staff member is  CPR and First Aid Certified, and earn twenty units of continuing education credit in Early Childhood Development every year, which is twice the state requirement of 10.

The average tenure of our lead teachers is about seven years and some teachers have been with us for more than 20 years.

Oak Grove Academy three teachers

The Oak Grove Academy Advisory Board

A diverse and balanced group of educational and organizational experts, our Advisory Board is at the vanguard of Early Childhood Education.  The Oak Grove Academy board is comprised of the following professionals:

YK~  Curriculum Coordinator

Thirty-five years of experience in Early Childhood and middle school Education and curriculum design

 Master’s Degree, Multi-Methods of Education –  Marygrove College

 Master’s Degree, Elementary Education –  Eastern Michigan University

 Bachelor’s Degree, Elementary Education –  Eastern Michigan University

LGB~ Administrative Director and Curriculum Development

Twelve years of educational administrative experience as both a high school principal and vice-principal, and currently immersed in her passion for speech language therapy

 Master’s Degree, Communication Disorders –  Utah State University

 Bachelor’s Degree, Communication Disorders –  Utah State University

 Bachelor’s Degree, Educational Leadership and Administration –  Plymouth State University

LL~  Teacher Advisor /Instructor and Curriculum Development

Twenty two years of educational experience and three time nominee, Teacher of the Year

 Master’s Degree, Education Management –  Kennesaw State University

 Master’s Degree, Curriculum Design and Instruction –  Lincoln Memorial University

 Bachelor’s Degree, Special Education –  Furman University

RL~  Director of Education

Twelve years of educational experience

 Bachelor’s Degree, History –  Eastern Michigan University

 Bachelor’s Degree, Spanish –  Eastern Michigan University

SJ~  Early Childhood Psychology Contributor

Forty years of experience as a child psychologist with an academic and practice concentration in Preschool, autism, the hearing impaired and gifted

 Master’s Degree, Psychology –  Alfred University

 Bachelor’s Degree, Education Specialist in School Psychology –  Alfred University

 Bachelor’s Degree, Psychology –  Alfred University

DL~  Chief Financial Officer

Thirteen years of higher educational experience

 Master’s Degree, International Relations –  La Universidad de Oviedo (Spain)

 Bachelor’s Degree, Economics –  The University of Georgia

 Bachelor’s Degree, English Literature –  The University of Georgia

CL~  Director of Planning

Fifteen years of higher education facility management

 Bachelor’s Degree, Communications (Summa Cum Laude) –  Oglethorpe University

JD~  Director of Visual Art and Technology

Fifteen years of higher educational experience

 Bachelor’s Degree, Fine Arts –  Yale University

Oak Grove Academy engranajes