Summer Camp 2020

Full-Day Themed Camp Sessions
For Ages 5-10

Summer Camp 2020

The summer program at Oak Grove Academy is 10 weeks of fun and learning for students who have a wide range of interests. Browse our schedule of programs here.

We offer full day camps for children from 5 to 10 years old in arts, humanities, sciences and more. Camps are from 8:00am until 3:00pm for camp day and from 6:30am until 6:30pm for a full day.

Camp Schedules

Camp Day

8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Full Day

6:30 AM – 6:30 PM

10 Exciting Sessions

Week 1:
5/25 – 5/29
Week 2:6/1 – 6/5
Week 3:6/8 – 6/12
Week 4:6/15 – 6/19
Week 5:6/22 – 6/26
Week 6:6/29 – 7/3
Week 7:7/6 – 7/10
Week 8:7/13 – 7/17
Week 9:7/20 – 7/24
Week 10:7/27 – 7/31

Main Camp Themes (Ages 5-7 & Ages 8-10)

Week 1: Camp Out in the Garden

Throughout the week the children will be learning about, soil composition, photosynthesis and more. While gardening they will be using math skills through measuring the progress of the plants by how much they are growing from week to week or counting the flowers on each plant. We will also be taking a trip to the Botanical Gardens! Campers will gain a sense of purpose and responsibility, along with communication and team building skills.

Week 2: Engineering

Campers will learn how to construct and discover how things work, along with problem solving skills. The children will work together to build an activity wall in the garden and to create their own bird feeders. We will take an exciting adventure to Lego Land to use their new engineering skills! Children will see how disciplines of math and science are relevant to day to day life.

Week 3: Wild West

The children will learn what the Wild West era was, where it took place in America and when it began and ended. They will be visiting the Booth Museum where they will see first hand artifacts from that era. They will also be going to Farmer Sue’s Art Barn to experience how to care for horses and other farm animals. The children will walk away with a better understanding of the colorful wild west.

Week 4: Sports

Sports help children grow into well-rounded, healthy individuals who try new things and push themselves to excel at anything they wish to do. The activities this week include Amazing Athletes, Tumble Bus, Gwinnett Braves Game and the Aquatic Center. They will develop an understanding of the value of collaboration and working with others to be an integral part of the group.

Week 5: Camp’s Got Talent

Campers will find their inner SUPER STAR at Camp’s Got Talent. Campers have a chance to showcase their own unique talents and prepare themselves for a performance at the end of the week. They will walk away with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Week 6: Pay it Forward

Campers will learn what it is to make and keep a commitment, learn how to be on time, do their best work and to be proud of their results. They will be assisting with small task at North Fulton Charities, cleaning up the park and making cards for the military. Our goal is to show campers how volunteering can provide a healthy boost to their self-confidence, self-esteem and give them a sense of satisfaction.

Week 7: STEM Camp

The children will learn problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, curiosity, decision making, leadership and entrepreneurship skills. Science experiments will include crystal sun catchers, oil spills and cloud in the jar. They will also construct a marble run maze! Campers will be visiting INK (Interactive Neighborhood Museum) and learning how to think outside the box.

Week 8: Under the Sea

Unlocking the mystery of underwater marine life. Campers will be visiting the Georgia Aquarium and the Aquatic Center where they will learn the differences between fish and marine animals as well as the shapes, color and texture of various marine life.

Week 9: Nature Camp

Inspire creativity! Being outside encourages children to use all of their senses and visualize what they want to see. The children will explore the Chattahoochee Nature Center and The Reptile Wrangler will be making an appearance. They will develop a connection and appreciation of the natural environment.

Week 10: End of the Summer Bash

The children will reflect on the friendships they have formed and feel a sense of independence and empowerment. We will be having a car wash, a visit from Kona Ice, fun at Central Park, an Ice Cream Social and a SUMMER BASH PARTY!