Huge Blessing to My Family! The team at Oak Grove Academy have been a HUGE blessing to my family. Miss Linda taught my 4 year old to read. The 2s teachers potty trained my 2 year old within like a month of enrollment, and the school is filled with such caring and special people like Miss Allyson, Mr. David, Miss Sandra, Miss Kathy, Miss Ray & Miss B., Miss Annie, Miss Melissa &a Miss Jennifer, and More! They aren’t perfect, but no school is. But they are all-stars at loving my children, and that is the most important thing I can ask for. They have been understanding when my life has been crazy, and they are happy to hug me when Mommy has a bad day too. It’s so reassuring when they call over little scraped knees because I know they are looking after my children’s safety and will always be forthright with me. This is really a rare gem full of special, loving people. They pour love and all their hearts into creating a safe, loving, enriching environment for my children, and to us, they have made an eternal impact on my children! (They also try so hard to do fun special events like back to school family parties, amazing field trips and more.) Thank you Oak Grove Academy ?