More Than 20 Years of Proven Results

The Oak Grove Academy method is a unique combination of proven curricula that develops children’s intellectual and social skills through engaging classroom instruction and experiential learning. We then facilitate the learning process by giving students the Structure to Learn and Freedom to Explore, which has guided our educational philosophy for more than 20 years.

Structure to Learn

The Structure to Learn is a concept that consists of offering children a varied curriculum that is adaptable to their interests and needs. In addition, we always have the lowest student-to-teacher ratio of any preschool in the Alpharetta area, which gives students a great deal of individual instruction. This allows us to understand how your child learns best and to provide instruction that best suits their interests, strengths and needs.

Freedom to Explore

The Freedom to Explore draws on the idea that children love to learn when they are in an inspiring environment. Our classrooms are uncommonly large and are illuminated with natural light, which gives children a sense of comfort and peace that makes them feel comfortable to explore. This impulse is encouraged through guided and unguided activities, such as group games or individual study. The key is for children to develop their mind, learn independence and gain the ability to think for themselves.

Over the past two decades, the Oak Grove Academy method has prepared children for their future academic experiences. We provide a learning experience that is effective, nurturing and enjoyable.

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Principles & Core Values

At Endeavor Schools, our pursuit of building a world-class family of private schools is guided by our core values. We seek to hold ourselves and each of our team members accountable for demonstrating them every day. After all, it is our core values that define our aspiration of how we interact together as teammates, as well as with the children, families and communities that we serve.

Recognition. We celebrate the success of our teammates. We spread the good news about the positive impact we are making in each other’s lives and in the lives of children and families.

Excellence. We understand that we will not achieve the impact we seek without sustained dedication to delivering value. We must be disciplined in terms of becoming the best professionals, and the best people we can be.

Service. We are committed not only to serving the children and families in our school communities, but also to serving the needs of our teammates.

Positivity. We strive to inspire and draw out the best in each other. We persevere through sometimes difficult circumstances for the benefit of our schools.

Ethics. We do not compromise when it comes to our ethical standards. We hold each other accountable to doing things the right way.

Collaboration. We engage with our school communities—families and teammates alike—to define our shared vision for how each of our schools will evolve.

Trust. We work to prove that our actions are guided by the best interests of those we serve. We seek to build trust with all stakeholders through transparent, honest communication.

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