What is the Oak Grove Academy method?

The Oak Grove Academy method is a unique proprietary compendium of proven curricula which delivers meaningful academic challenge through engaging classroom and experiential learning.

Indeed, our advisory board’s wealth of expertise and experience has determined that freedom and structure are surprisingly compatible concepts.

The Structure to Learn resides in a curriculum of monthly themes whose progression both ascends and expands daily, accompanied by a student to teacher ratio (the lowest in the area) which facilitates a student specific lesson plan when needed, frequent quality student-teacher interaction, and concept dominion.

The Freedom to Explore of the method resides in classrooms being both uncommonly large and bright with natural light, inside which developmentally grouped students flow through subject specific centers, with some of the centers being periodically monitored (not driven or guided).

The Oak Grove Academy method has constant mental stimulation and individualized attention at its core, as we believe a more frequent and higher quality attention is a fundamental component of a child’s development.

What are the results of the Oak Grove Academy method?

Unlike most schools classified as an academic preschool, the goal at Oak Grove Academy is to produce children who are brimming with curiosity, a love of learning, and self-confidence.  Furthermore, the Oak Grove Academy graduate will be well versed in the Four Cs of 21st century learning: critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.

In addition to children possessing the aforementioned priority outcomes, the Oak Grove Academy method consistently produces children who test out two course years ahead of their chronological age (with numerous children often showing even greater comparative advancement).

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