Here‘s what’s being said about North Fulton / South Forsyth’s most heralded preschool:

The personal connection and community with the teachers is what sets Oak Grove apart!

We are so grateful for the home our family has found at Oak Grove Academy. Over the last two years, we’ve seen just how much the teachers care for our kids. We are so lucky to have several of the same teachers now for our second child as we did two years ago with our first. The personal connection and community with the teachers make it a place where you feel like your children are more than just a name on a roster. With every class and every transition to a new class, we’ve seen growth in learning, talking, and independence. Knowing that our kids are continuing to learn and grow while having fun validates our decision to be a part of the Oak Grove family

The Bell FamilyAlpharetta, GA

Oak Grove gives my children the opportunity to learn through play

At Curriculum Night, parents learned about various psychologists and studies that support the curriculum used at Oak Grove Academy. I think it’s so important to use research based ideas when working with young children. They are so impressionable at this age so best practices will go a long way. I also found the Curriculum Night useful because it gave parents an opportunity to see what concepts and objectives students are learning at Oak Grove on a regular basis.

I love that Oak Grove gives my children the opportunity to learn through play. The children are given time to explore different concepts during center time, such as building blocks or playing with dolls. While this may seem just like play to adults, my kids are learning things that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives, such as spatial sense and social emotional skills. My kids are also more confident by being given choices and independent time while playing.

I was very excited when parents were asked to bring in containers for the kids to play with. I know this has led to so much exploration from the kids.

I also like that the students are given a lot of time outside. Much of this time is spent playing independently where the children are exploring nature, developing their motor skills, and practicing how to respond in social situations. Sometimes the teachers also talk to the students about what they see in nature and have even incorporated this into art activities.

The Nash FamilyAlpharetta, GA

My Son is learning while having fun and feeling free to explore

With the Creative Curriculum my son is learning while having fun and feeling free to explore. I love that it provides guidance but promotes independence at the same time. It stimulates his curiosity and encourages him to be creative in his own way.

Creative curriculum has had a very positive impact on him. He’s become much more independent, has mastered crucial skills, has significantly expanded his vocabulary and he’s learned to adjust easily to new environments. Overall, he’s a lot more confident, emotionally and socially more mature, and learning to be self-sufficient.

Without any doubts, this has been a great learning tool for him and even for myself, as I’ve learned to trust his capabilities and let go of my fears.

Nia QueroAlpharetta, GA

Grateful For Such a Caring and Loving Staff

We have been sending our children to OGA for 2 years, and are so grateful for the loving and caring staff that have been a huge part of our children’s education! We relocated to Georgia, and couldn’t be more pleased with the relationships we have built with all the staff that have looked after our children!!!!

The Taylor FamilyAlpharetta, GA

Nurturing and Preparatory…

As an educational administrator as well as a parent, we wanted to put our child in a place that would nurture and love him as well as develop his mind – and Oak Grove Academy has done both.

D. PesceAlpharetta, GA

The team at Oak Grove Academy have been a HUGE blessing to …

Huge Blessing to My Family! The team at Oak Grove Academy have been a HUGE blessing to my family. Miss Linda taught my 4 year old to read. The 2s teachers potty trained my 2 year old within like a month of enrollment, and the school is filled with such caring and special people like Miss Allyson, Mr. David, Miss Sandra, Miss Kathy, Miss Ray & Miss B., Miss Annie, Miss Melissa &a Miss Jennifer, and More! They aren’t perfect, but no school is. But they are all-stars at loving my children, and that is the most important thing I can ask for. They have been understanding when my life has been crazy, and they are happy to hug me when Mommy has a bad day too. It’s so reassuring when they call over little scraped knees because I know they are looking after my children’s safety and will always be forthright with me. This is really a rare gem full of special, loving people. They pour love and all their hearts into creating a safe, loving, enriching environment for my children, and to us, they have made an eternal impact on my children! (They also try so hard to do fun special events like back to school family parties, amazing field trips and more.) Thank you Oak Grove Academy ?

R. HeplerAlpharetta, GA

Curriculum Challenges Advanced Kids, yet nobody is left behind…

My son has been attending OGA for over two years now. He started when he was 10 months old and is now 3. We love OGA! The curriculum is tailored to each age group and both challenges advanced kids as well as ensures nobody is left behind. Though there have been challenges with teacher retention and turnover a few months as some reviews suggest, it is not a huge school, so I would assume it is not easy to deal with multiple personnel changes at the same time. All the teachers we have met and have taken care of my son through the years were caring and genuinely interested to do their best to make each child’s day educational and fun! The owner, staff, and teachers are all exceptionally good with children, and it shows! The kids love them – and so does my family! PS: Nobody asked me for a review in any way, I just wanted to share our experience.

K. KritschCanton, GA

An Exemplary School…

I have been visiting this school for over 12 years.  I visit schools all across the country. This one is exemplary. I would heartily recommend it. The program is wonderful.

J. KitsonLawrenceville, GA

This is a Wonderful School…

Our 3 children have been loved and nurtured by the entire staff at Oak Grove for over 5 years. Our oldest son graduated from pre-k 4 and ENTERED kindergarten reading at a second grade level, thanks to Mrs. Linda. The director, Allyson, is a true asset to the school. She is so warm and friendly, and I feel like I am leaving my children with a family member! This is a wonderful school.

E. LobeckCanton, GA

Like Family to Us…

Oak Grove Academy is very unique, in that it offers a warm nurturing atmosphere that isn’t found at other schools in the area. All of the staff at Oak Grove Academy is like family to us. Many of the staff members at Oak Grove Academy have been there for several years. I don’t feel like I am dropping off my son at daycare. Oak Grove Academy is an extension of our own home.

S. GrahamAlpharetta, GA

Well-rounded and impressive…

Family atmosphere, rigorous academics, discipline, well rounded activity slate (great variety), tremendous group of parents (all are very nice and impressive people).

Dr. T. FieldsMilton, GA


Tanya found OGA through the enthusiastic recommendation of a kindergarten teacher at nearby Summit Hills Elementary School.

C. GreenAlpharetta, GA

OGA Goes Above and Beyond

We have spent the last 9 years at this school between Reilly and Jacob. They have been our extended family of the people we trust and love with all our hearts. Good days, bad days and all the in-betweens. They have gone above and beyond in teaching, loving and creating lasting memories for our family. We are so grateful for them and all the families we have shared this with along the way. We love our Oak Grove Family.

K. GathersAlpharetta, GA

You Have The Kids’ Best Interest At Heart

Dear Mr. David,

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year!

Thanks for all you do. It’s nice to know you have the kids’ best interest at heart and the teachers have your support.


Jonelle, Scott, Lia and Owen

The SeymoursCumming, GA

Grow and Thrive…

Mr. David,
Our children are our greatest gifts from God. We are thankful to you and your staff for being a place where our treasures could grow and thrive.

Charlton & Deven B.Lilburn, GA

Our Son Can’t Wait to Get to Class…

Our son has been attending Oak Grove Academy for 2 years and we couldn’t be happier about his development over that period of time. The entire staff really cares about each student and our son can’t wait to get into class and see what activities are in store for him and his classmates each day. We wouldn’t consider sending our son anywhere else.

P. VogtMilton, GA

Family Atmosphere and Teacher Stability…

The family atmosphere and the stability of your team make Oak Grove Academy unique. They truly care (and it shows). Miss Linda is a gem like no other, as she prepares your child for Kindergarten

K. JonesAtlanta, GA


I believe Oak Grove Academy challenges kids to learn more. The praise and positive reinforcement are key to this. The staff in the Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 classes are fantastic!

Dr. T. FieldsMilton, GA

Safe & Secure…

Friendly, caring staff, good curriculum, parents and teachers engaged in learning and development of child. I believe my child is safe, secure and paid attention to every part of the day.

Jennifer B.Alpharetta, GA

Maya Loved Being Here

Thank you Oak Grove Academy, for being a place of love, trust and caring.

Thank you all who kept Maya with love. I appreciate it. Maya loved being here.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

L. CrepaldiAlpharetta, GA

Well Organized…

Very impressive. You people run a tight ship, and it shows. Well organized and all of you are absolutely wonderful people as well. Very impressive!

Brian M.Alpharetta, GA


We learned of Oak Grove Academy through patients of ours, who recommended the school to us. We visited two other early childhood education centers, and found that Oak Grove Academy was a better fit for us. Our kids were invited to visit for three hours before enrolling, and we were able to see how caring the teachers were with them, and how they engaged all of the children under their care. This was what solidified our decision.

S. MinnitiAlpharetta, GA

OGA Children Are Way Ahead of the Game

Proud Mommy post: my 4.5 year old is doing addition and doing an awesome job! Things that some kids don’t learn until first grade, but she is already learning in Pre-K.

R. ArberyCumming, GA

We Love You, OGA

Thank you for everything you have done for our boys. We will miss you all greatly.

The Casserlys

The CasserlysAlpharetta, GA

Oak Grove Academy Children are Quite Impressive…..

We were most excited to have your school, Oak Grove Academy, visit us for a field trip. Your students were most well behaved, and an exemplary group for all others. The children were will well mannered, polite, and followed directions well throughout the entire visit. It was quite impressive considering their age, too. We would love to have your school back, as your group was a pleasure to have.

K. OrtizLawrenceville, GA

Exemplary Behavior

Here are the pictures from Farm Day!

We had a blast with all of the students and they were all SOOO well behaved!

Thank you!!

Ashley White

Ashley WhiteMilton, GA


My girls will both tell you that they feel loved and important.

N. ColtraneAlpharetta, GA

Great Foundation…

Thank you Oak Grove Academy and Ms. Linda for giving our kids such a great foundation. Reece and Jane are KK Principal Pals for Feb. We love and miss you!

L. BoleauCumming, GA