The Senior Toddler curriculum promotes fine motor skills through art and music, as well as movement activities (physical education continues as well). It is specifically designed to utilize hands on experiences to facilitate learning through music, art, games, storytelling and varied cognitive activities.

There is a limited amount of independent exploration under the warm and loving guidance of our experienced teachers, as once again, Oak Grove Academy children are immersed in a lower than low teacher to student ratio (returning to that of Tiny Toddler), so that preparation for the next educational step in their lives is complete, via the specific attention to each child’s individual needs.

Self-help development continues, and skills such as feeding themselves, potty-training, problem solving and basic dressing are practiced daily. Language capacity further grows through story time, music, and puppet play.

Our High Reach Learning academic program introduces skills and concepts such as color and shape recognition, number and alphabet introduction, vocabulary expansion, and spatial relations.

The teacher-student ratio is 1 to 7, with a maximum class size of 14. Each child experiences large group, small group, and one on one instruction, as part of a structured daily schedule. The physical environment of this classroom is designed to facilitate both motor skill development and social skills, through center structured play.

-Children aged 22 to 30 months

Oak Grove Academy senior toddler