As learning continues and skills are developed, our Pre-K3 classroom’s primary focus remains on social skills throughout all of our lessons. This focus is brought about by a program that fosters independence, self-reliance, and responsibility through respectful, consistent, and loving guidance. We teach and reinforce good manners, and a cognizance of safety at all times and in any environment is fostered.

Our Pre-K3 curriculum incorporates Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Art, and Music. Even though we are learning these things in class, the curriculum and lessons span much further than just their immediate classroom. Not only do the children take field trips outside of school, but they also have community service personnel and visiting educators teach the class. Children are encouraged to participate in dramatic play and comprehension of the concept of yesterday, today and tomorrow takes place.

In this classroom children experiment with different letter and letter grouping sounds, and start to explore characters and story plots. Group activities help children learn to follow directions, take turns and develop friendships. Children clap, move and sing songs; create art by folding, cutting and coloring; and act out lyrics to favorite songs.

Students explore number conservation, patterning, sorting by multiple attributes, measurement and operations through the use of manipulatives, and the parts of a clock. They compare and classify, begin using number lines, learn about the weather, and perform simple experiments. Fine motor skills are sharpened with myriad puzzles, and balance is improved through fun activities.

Prekindergarten 3’s are immersed in a phonics program where the letters come to life, and their sounds and life stories make phonics rules simple for them to remember. All students in this classroom learn proper letter formation for writing their names, including capitalization, pencil grip and proportion.

Our curriculum also serves to further develop the child’s self-confidence and social development. Music, Spanish and art teachers impart specifically designed lessons which incorporate our monthly themes, engaging children to learn in a playful way.

Our Pre-K3 classroom also has a computer lab where each child is scheduled time daily to use the academic software. The children not only learn from the educational software, but they also learn proper computer usage as well as terminology.

We welcome your child to the unique adventure that is Oak Grove Academy’s Pre-K3 program.

-Children aged 36 to 48 months