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Today is National STEAM Day! Teachers and schools around the country celebrate the popular and effective STEAM pedagogy (science, technology, art and mathematics). Good for them! Did you know that we at OGA are STREAMERS, not Steamers! At Oak Grove Academy, our board of early education experts and outstanding teachers have effectively deployed STREAM (Science, […]

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Happy New Year to the Oak Grove family! The topic for today is encouraging reading. Reading is a fundamental skill that all children must master to be successful in school and in life. Parents and teachers are all aware of the importance of reading to their children and much research has been devoted to learning […]

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Greetings Oak Grove Family ! This is the February posting for my blog. This month I would like to talk about developing math skills for preschoolers. Math concepts begin at a very young age and enriching early experiences can be helpful in building the foundation for later school age math abilities. Early math skills are […]

Greetings, Oak Grove Family! This month I wish to talk about the concerns that parents have over their child losing skills that they have obtained at school or preschool when summer comes. Often there are extended vacation times, family transitions, or simply summer breaks from the routine of a structured learning environment. Not to worry, […]

Dear Oak Grove family ! The topic for this month is Responsibility. Perhaps as much as any skill, parents hope for children to be responsible and as with many characteristics, the foundations begin in early childhood. So let us take a look at some things we can do even with very young children to help […]