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Today is National STEAM Day!   Teachers and schools around the country celebrate the popular and effective STEAM pedagogy (science, technology, art and mathematics).

Good for them!

Did you know that we at OGA are STREAMERS, not Steamers!

At Oak Grove Academy, our board of early education experts and outstanding teachers have effectively deployed STREAM (Science, Technology, Reading and wRiting, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) to keep our students on the cutting edge of the latest innovations taking place in education.   That is to say, your children (our students) will be well versed in the 4Cs*.

Our curriculum and learning environments depend on providing a myriad of multi-domain experiences from which the students have the freedom to choose.  These experiences are not isolated activities, but come from concept webs that provide a “big idea”, and encourage deeper exploration.

Beginning in the infant room, on through to kindergarten, our ‘Structure to Learn’ and ‘Freedom to Explore’ environment integrates group activities and excursions, learning centers, projects, educational games, books (and group critical analysis of the same), team building, physical education and physical development, foreign language, and much more.

*The Four Cs of 21st century learning, also known as the Four Cs or 4 Cs, are four skills that have been identified by the United States-based Partnership for 21st century skills (P21) as the most important skills required for 21st century education: critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.

In this globally and digitally interconnected world, all learners from cradle to career, need new skills and knowledge to succeed.  If we want to prepare our children for success in school, work, life, opportunities to learn 21st-century skills are essential.

Furthermore, experts consulted also consider ethics, action, and accountability to be essential.  This facet of 21st century preparedness was already a pillar of our pedagogy (as for two decades now, we’ve been instilling the following values in Oak Grove Academy students):


We are extremely proud that Oak Grove Academy graduates are recognized regularly throughout the public and private schools of the area for their daily demonstration of these values.

For two decades now, Oak Grove Academy has been fostering a ‘structure to learn’ and ‘freedom to explore’ environment.  We firmly believe that children need to play and be nurtured while learning, without compromising high expectations.

Our mission is to serve the students and their families by providing a loving and nurturing environment.  When the students are happy and nurtured, we can expect from them their very best.

Our focus on preparedness, and high standard curriculum, enable us to achieve the reputation of having a Gold Standard in the quality and caliber of graduate that emerges from our school.

Our professional teaching staff places great emphasis on the individuality of each child.  We remain constantly aware that we are entrusted with a truly precious gift in every child we serve.  This is an enormous responsibility and one that we confidently accept with enthusiasm and gratitude.

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